1. 2.Aug.14, 10:16, Alexandra says:

    Fantastic and amazing work. A creative and passionate photographer.

  2. 2.Dec.13, 20:54, Nerma Williams says:

    I saw some beautiful photos at the weekend in Berlin. Loved it, please bring your work to the UK. :-)

  3. 23.Aug.13, 09:46, Nadja says:

    Discovered your great photographs also few weeks ago in Berlin. Amazing pics. Love your work!

    All the best from Holland,

  4. 19.Aug.13, 19:15, Xavier Aubert says:

    Great artist!

    Discovered him last weekend in Berlin and I ‘ve seen beautiful shots and talent (destroyed piano photo).

    Good luck from France

  5. 31.Jul.13, 14:42, Alberto Miras says:

    An authentic phographer, an authentic ARTIST

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